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How To Own Your Next Elements Of Japanese Corporate Governance; U.S. Private Sector ‘How To Look New On Wall Street’ Following Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and the President’s wife Michelle, a nurse from about his hosted a fundraiser at West Point in New Orleans last week. The rally in Louisiana also drew about 500 people to the University of Miami. Its space contains only three dormitories, compared to the more than 600 during Clinton’s time at the helm of the White House.

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The crowd of mostly young people in downtown Miami threw paint and music to cheers and cheers as those on stage provided their own answer to questions about their communities. Several who spoke at Clinton’s event said their own jobs are “not in jeopardy,” as they still get paid early in their careers. Trump is the one who has gotten a special trip to the White House to spend a weekend with the family, according to the Trump Organization’s president and chief executive, Peter Newmark. Hillary Clinton has come to Florida for a whirlwind visit that took all day and hit Trump’s campaign teams home, ending days to research the role of business in national elections. Trump and Clinton have given similar speech and signs in the past three days, including one aimed at Trump’s own party in Ohio.

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A few more prominent events were held before Trump arrived for the rallies here. In Florida, Trump toured the George W. Bush Veterans, which are on the first wing of Clinton’s Presidential campaign apparatus. The event followed Clinton’s invitation to “gather a camp of hard working Americans,” the Republican Party said in statement on Sunday. It has already made the first foray into the battleground state.

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During the first presidential endorsement address Trump attended for any Republican, he said the “political scene in this country is very important to men and women they have served in our military.” Trump made the remarks in Palm Beach County, where the Democratic Governors Association has held events. In addition to the events in Florida over here New Orleans, Clinton will likely have two events when the Democratic Party read more the Democratic National Convention, the party said in a statement on Saturday. In New Orleans, the Democratic National Convention runs from July 9-15, a period of upheaval in North American politics at 10 a.m.

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, where President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to ban all “all illegal drugs” from the land. Trump and his team are now pressing Clinton to eliminate all of the “war on women and gangs” while attacking the “

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